Releasing Doubt…Manifesting Your Desires

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Releasing Doubt…Manifesting Your Desires

Releasing doubt will give me …. what?

This can be a pretty powerful question for anyone feeling bogged down by doubt/worry/concern, or basically any other fearful state of emotion.

“Manifesting your desires” seems to be a pretty hot topic for those of us tapped in to the Law of Attraction world. With every good reason in my opinion. If we are all here co-creating our lives anyway, we might as well co-create the kind of life we desire yes??

Then whyyy aren’t we? With so many teachers/classes/how-to’s out there – why aren’t more people co-creating the life they truly desire???

Well.. I think I may have found part of the answer last night while meeting with one of my mentoring clients.

You see, she knows the process. I think she even intelectually understands that the process goes against human logic of “how things work”. However, one aspect she admitted to last night is that even though she knows it, she is only practicing it quick moments at a time … and not really holding the vibration that matches her desires continuously.



Sounds like a pretty common “human” situation to me. We often intellectually know what to do, yet for whatever reason are not continuously practicing what we know works. I.e. leaving us in suffering mode. I.e. The ego thrives.

This lack of practice pattern can and often does apply to all kinds of different habits or results people are looking to create. Whether that’s going to the gym more, changing their diet, stop drinking _________, stop smoking, a new meditation practice, etc. I could go on, and on and on of the habits/goals that me included have the desire to start, and continue, and I have the knowing that it would be better for me not just in the long run – but right now, and yet I, and millions of others continue to not practice what we know.


Well, I think it all has to do with the title of this blog. Releasing our doubt and manifesting our desires. First followed by answering that initial question. Releasing my doubt gives me …… “breathing room to grow my confidence” “permission to believe in myself” “space to feel happy and excited”. You fill in your own blank here. Then please, write it down. Write down what it would feel like to release your doubts, fears and worry. Then either imagine this, or heck do it for real! Fold that paper up, put it in an envelope with no return address – and send them on their way.

Leaving you with the feelings you desired all along that the fear based crap was keeping you from.

Now, why are all those feels so important?? Well remember that manifesting process I spoke of that seems to go against what our human brain thinks is a logical process? Let me explain…

I believe/have been taught/practiced this: Instead of thinking “I have to get physical evidence of my desire before I feel happy, think that I am worthy and believe that I can co-create what I desire” I know and have seen plenty of evidence that that is actually the process of manifesting in reverse!! The material version of manifestation is the thing that comes last. So if we’re waiting on that in order to change the way we feel, think and believe in ourselves…. Well, sorry friend but you’re going to be waiting a long time. Maybe even long enough to let life happen to you instead of stepping up and making the life you want – happen.

Back to the meeting with my client last night. I ask her: if this desire you want so badly were to happen RIGHT NOW (material manifestation) how would you feel?? “Excited!!! Happy!! Relieved!!” Her energy shifted *immediately*.

So my next question was: What’s wrong with feeling those things right now??

**Crickets** (Seriously though, we were outside on this cool little patio area :P)

To break the silence I then asked her: Is it because then you wouldn’t have a reason to be suffering anymore??

She then broke out into laughter, which seems to be a sign that I have just spoken truth for her.

You see, if we are able to release the doubt that we can’t have what we actually desire, and believe that we are capable/worthy, think of even one supporting thought to that belief, then *choose* to feel how we think the physical manifestation will make us feel…. well then. We got it. We are co-creating our desires. And even if it takes longer for us to manifest the tangible aspect of our desire (perhaps because we treat this habit like our workout habit and jump on and off the wagon) if we are focused on how we feel we actually got what we wanted anyway!!

I mean isn’t that why we want anything in this physcial world? Because of how we think it’ll make us feel??

So choose to feel that way first. Before receiving physical evidence. Being concious of your feelings costs you nothing but effort, not being concious of your feelings….well I think we all know what that costs.

Thank you lovely beings, for being who you are, right now and in any given moment.