Ayahuasca Ingredients

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What’s In the Ayahuasca Ingredients


As you’ve come to know, Ayahuasca is unique among plant hallucinogens as it is prepared from a combination of two plants. But what exactly makes these ordinary plants extraordinary and full of benefits? The combination of the bark of Banisteriopsis species with the leaves of Psychotria species is what gives Ayahuasca its notorious reputation of spiritual enlightenment and awakening. There are many forms of Ayahuasca It must be noted that alone the two plants do not possess the potency of the combination. But when brewed together they bring out in each other a chemical harmony capable of changing not only themselves, but their users at an anatomic level.


At the risk of being too technical, the main composition of the harmonious plants is found in Harmala alkaloids. Harmala alkaloids are MOA-inhibiting beta carbolines. MOA- inhibiting carbolines are known to raise serotonin levels. Serotonin level increase and regulation is commonly associated to treat depression. It’s no wonder that Ayahuasca is famously attributed as a natural treatment for depression patients who simply have not seen results with traditional medication. 


Ayahuasca also consist of the three most studied harmala alkaloids in the caapi vines. They include harmineharmalineand tetrahydroharmine. These three alkaloids are known to help strengthen weak serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Meaning that at a subatomic level Ayahuasca helps treat and rebuild damaged serotonin receptors in the brain. Resulting in stronger mental health.


What is DMT in Ayahuasca Ingredients?


Once your body begins to metabolize the MOA, you allow a natural diffusion of DMT in the stomach and small intestine. Learn more about DMT in Ayahuasca. Meaning that as your body metabolizes it begins to clear out your stomach and small intestine, and eventually cross the blood–brain barrier to activate receptor sites in the brain. Without RIMAs or the non-selective, nonreversible monoamine oxidase inhibition in the combination of plants, DMT would be oxidized and thus rendered biologically inactive. In order to experience the full Ayahuasca benefits, you have to combine both Banisteriopsis and Psychotria species. The beverage depends on this combination for its activity to revitalize both body and soul.


Other active Ayahuasca ingredients include: ayahuma bark, capirona bark, chullachaki caspi bark, lopuna blanca bark, punga amarilla bark, remo caspi bark, wyra (huaira) caspi bark, shiwawaku bark, uchu, and huacapurana. It also contains leaves from chacruna, chaliponga, chagropanga, banisteriopsis rusbyana and amyruca leaves.


Each one of these natural products is used to cleanse the body of ailments ranging from depression, PTSD, drug abuse, blood, liver and gall bladder. Ayahuasca helps patients overcome both physical and mental disease by deconstructing neuron receptors known to affect those suffering from trauma and physical ailments.