Spiritual Retreats In Peru

A Spiritual HandSpiritual Retreats In Peru


Types of Spiritual Retreats in Peru


In an age filled with constant noise clouding our judgement, many have turned to the introspective nature of retreats. We offer a variation of group retreats. Our primary retreat is in Peru which is the Ayahuasca Experience Package. But for your convenience, we’d like you to explore your options when it comes to spiritual retreats. You are more than welcome to try some of these with us.


Silent Retreat:


Asks guests to stay silent during their experience. This allows for introspection and meditation as well as an acute awareness of that which surrounds you. It asks users to become aware and in tune with the various degrees of silence.


Solitude Retreat:


Asks you to become secluded in a private are. This gives users the freedom to really introspect on what it is ails them. And simply reflect by shutting down all distractions.


Directed / Guided Retreat


Retreating under the guidance of a person such as a spiritual director. This is helpful for a person who is new at retreating or unsure how to retreat. This can also be helpful if a person is retreating for a specific purpose such as working through a particular life issue.


Structured Retreat:


Retreating with the guidance of a schedule or rhythm. Structured retreats help people who don’t know how to spend time retreating.


Fasting Retreat:


Retreating while abstaining from food or activities. Some people fast completely from all foods, while some limit themselves.


Regular Daily Life Retreats


Retreating within your regular life schedule and setting. Rather than taking time to go away to a retreat center some people choose to intentionally build retreating into their routines.


Extended Retreats


Retreating for several days or weeks. People have been known to retreat for weeks or even months at a time. Retreating provides a great benefit to open yourself up. And some find longer retreats really allow them to change and evaluate the way they interact with themselves and others.


There are dozens of other types of retreats. This was just meant to give you a sense of what is out there. Spiritual guidance is something that each person comes to at their own accord and free will. You could take some time to meditate, do yoga, or take a spa weekend. The overall objective with a guided retreat or any retreat, is to really come to terms and understand who you were and who you are going to be. It helps you stay connected to the cosmos.


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