Ayahuasca Plant Types

A Spiritual HandAyahuasca Plant Types

Ayahuasca Plant Types

What Types of Ayahuasca Plants Are There?

The marvel of Ayahuasca is apparent upon trying it and experiencing the plant’s healing powers. Like any plant native to the Amazonian jungle, it has a variety of brothers and sister plants which are all classified to be part of the Ayahuasca vine. According to botanists there are 20 different Ayahuasca plant types of vines. The classification of the vine comes from the color flowers and the color of the vine when you scrape it. For the purpose of spiritual guidance there are two ways in which we classify Ayahuasca, by its vine type and by its mixture.


 Ayahuasca Plant Types


Common vines used for spiritual awakening include:


  • Yellow Ayahuasca (Master Ayahuasca) is softly prepared so that users experience small amounts of visions and purge. It is perfect for first time users as it does not have a strong taste and the visions are not as overwhelming.
  • Pink Ayahuasca (Sky Ayahuasca) is much stronger than Yellow Ayahuasca and is recommended with people with more experience with Ayahuasca. It cleans the soul and body deeper. It is also the most popular.
  • White Ayahuasca is used to help understand and channel sexual energy. Users experience a deeper understanding of their sexual and spiritual beings.
  • Black Ayahuasca stimulates a dense black cloak of visions. The strongest of in the Ayahuasca family, it is known to have the largest potential for healing and energy protection. Users experience shorter visions but they are much more intense.


When taken with other common botanical plants, users experience different ceremonial values and spirits. Common mixes include:


  • Ayahuma bark which provides protection and healing of susto (soul loss from spiritual trauma).
  • Capirona bark providing cleansing and protection.
  • Chullachaki caspi bark containing the tools to cleanse the physical body ailments.
  • Lopuna blanca bark: Provides protection.
  • Punga amarilla bark: Used to pull or draw out negative spirits or energies.
  • Remo Caspi Bark: Comes from an oar tree. It is used to move dense or dark energies.
  • Wyra (huaira) Caspi bark, comes from an air tree. It is used to purge the gastro/intestinal ailments, calm the mind, and bring tranquility to the body and spirit.
  • Shiwawaku bark: A purple medicine used to calm the mind, and bring tranquility.
  • Uchu Sanago is the head of the sanango plants also known to cleanse the body and soul.
  • Huacapurana is a giant amazon tree which helps stimulate and protect its users.


You can also target problems more specifically by adding a third or fourth plant. This is all very dependent on your shaman and their spiritual guidance, but common mixes include:


  • Ayahuasca + Chakruna+ Tabacco: This combination is very powerful and is used for protection and cleaning.
  • Ayahuasca + Chakruna + Bobimsana: It is used to open the heart and get in touch with all the magic inside and outside of us.
  • Ayahuasca + Chakruna + Toe: This mix is one of the most powerful mixes, and it is a very visual Ayahuasca, like crystal water.


Overall the mixtures are unique and with the guidance of your shaman, you will learn to discover and experience what your particular soul’s needs in order to achieve the awakening you are seeking.

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