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We Welcome You To The Ayahuasca Center


ASH Ayahuasca Center (ASHA Center) is a beautiful retreat! A place where you are guided by the use of ayahuasca, do you want transcend into love and light consciousness?


Ayahuasca is a traditional spiritual medicine made of specific types of leaves, vines, and other plants. It is used among the indigenous people of Amazonian Peru and is part of their history Read more about Ayahuasca from Wikipedia. Guided by the plants and the plants’ spirits, these native tribes use ayahuasca in Shamanic and Shipibo ceremonies to promote healing of both mind and body.


At ASH-AYA retreats, we practice original Shipibo traditions and ceremonies in harmony with new age Shamanism. This allows for deep exploration into your specific healing needs.


The desire to seek healing is a calling. We are here to meet you at this stage of your spiritual journey. We will help you take the next step in finding inner peace, resolving the chaos, freeing the spirit, and learning to be present.


Depression, anxiety, loneliness, PTSD, addiction, and disease are manifesting in record numbers because our souls are lost and looking for light.

Let’s find one another. Let’s unite in a safe physical space, connect on the spiritual plane, and grow and heal together in an open and welcoming environment.  Let’s share our experiences and learn from one another. Let’s help each other find the light within so it may help illuminate this dark world we live in.

An ASH-AYA retreat will help guide you on the path to connecting to your true self, the one that is light consciousness, the one that is present, the one that is love.


Our retreats are not about reading a book or watching a show. Our retreats are about experiencing hands-on healing and learning.


With the help of our experienced staff and gifted shaman, you can heal from within.  With the help of ayahuasca you will be shown what you need to see. And with the help of those traveling with you on your spiritual journey, you will learn and grow.

An Inside View

I have attended many of the best ayahuasca retreats in Peru and loved certain things about each place and then felt they lacked in other areas, so I took out the negative and added all the positive! I see how this program helps people get the deepest amount of healing one can get out of this journey!

Along the way I asked my favorite people if they wanted to work with me, including shaman, amazing tour guides, cooks, and even the best boat driver for safety. They wanted to work with us and they believed in the program! I was so happy!

We found an amazing village that offered us a beautiful piece of land if we joined with them to help bring them an economy, we higher people from this village too! So when you come to heal you are also helping a village heal as well! This is an a very traditional experience. It’s not for the faint at heart. You always safe and in good hands!

If you are looking for something deeper then you have ever known then this is it! You can meet the local villagers if you choose and see how they live, they have taught me so much and brought beautiful perspective into my life!

We have a few different shamans we work with depending on the situation, our main shaman is Wilma Vasquez Ochavano. She is AMAZING!! She is from pucallpa where the Shipibo live, the true bloodline shaman of ayahuasca. She is raised from a family of all shamans. Generation after generation and her Icaros are amazing! She sings like an angel, and keeps amazing control of the energies and spirits.

We ALWAYS have facilitators on hand at all times paying VERY close attention with years of experience. We do private ceremonies also, so that would only require one facilitator, the more people we have the more facilitators/assistants. Just depends if you come with a group or solo.

After Care


The difference between our center and most IS the after care, we are always available 24/7 after your experience for a life time! You are always able to reach out and get a hold of a councilor or a facilitator and time of the night or day. Our goal is to make sure you are getting the most healing you can receive. We do this by making sure you are always able to speak with somebody about a thought, an experience, or just plain support.

Sometimes years after an ayahuasca experience you can still have a deep meaning pop up, or suddenly recognize an old vision from ceremony. Maybe you just didn’t understand it at the time and it all just hit you! The shaman also helps you seal your healing with an arcana on your last ceremony. This helps with protection and more of a long lasting connection with the medicine after you leave the retreat. We are here to help work through anything! Even the stuff that doesn’t relate to ayahuasca.

We are about deep healing and when you choose us we are with you for life. It truly is a family. You immediately become part of something bigger and it’s something you don’t know until you are feeling every bit of it in your heart the second you walk into our sacred land on the Amazon River!

Extra Details


I am so excited you are interested in visiting our sacred land!
We would love to have you! If you can make it at least 7 days it would maximize your stay at the Center! Eight days total is usually enough. Day 1 and 7 are partially traveling anyways. 😉

Some times we have groups, and you can go for a solo private session of you chose. That means exclusive attention from a master shaman! No need to worry if others end up with you because we are all on the same journey and we meet the VERY best of people here! You will leave with a new family no matter what!

Currently we have the lowest price for the experience you receive! Everything we do is all inclusive. You get food, bed, flower bath, a pre-ayahuasca cleansing and 7 days stay! This also includes special optional trips, boat rides, *pink* dolphin watching, fish for piranha, jungle walks, go on a long hike to a 20,000 year old tree, trips to the local village, watch the sunrise on the river, learn about the local onsite plants and natural resources, catch and release crocodile, go find animals or bugs (monkeys, sloths, spiders, butterfly’s). The options are endless, The lessons are life long, ASHA Center will be forever in your heart

For one week ayahuasca experience it is 1000.00 USD per person, which also give you 4 profound ayahuasca ceremonies with a traditional Shipibo Shaman! We focus the most on the healing when you are here, I want to make that very clear, everything else is a bonus and helps reenforce the healing. If you wanted to stay longer we also offer a two week stay and a one month package. So when you have the dates ready you can put down you 50% deposit that will hold your spot. Then the remaining balance can be paid in cash when you arrive in Iquitos, or you can pay online before you leave. Whatever you are more comfortable with. Most don’t like to carry money and just pay it all right away, or make the last 50% payment online before they head out. We like to offer as many options as possible to keep our passengers comfortable and to give them more time to get the money together if needed.So you can book on the website or I can send you an invoice through PayPal if you have an account or would like to make one. We are also PayPal Certified! Check out our official seal.

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Thank You


You are absolutely amazing! Thank you for reaching out, and know I am always available to speak to even after you leave the center. We like to keep in contact with our ASHA family visitors, even long after they have left! We feel a duty to be there for them to help understand things that you may realize long after you have left! So never be afraid to reach out with questions on any subject, your own realizations, or even a great story my friend! I am here to listen and help! 🙏👁❤️🙌


PS. A passport is required, however Peru does NOT require vaccines from the US, other country should check, no issues thus far.


About The Founder



My name is Ryan Frechette and I’m so excited that you’ve found my humble home on the Web. I do not believe in coincidences; you were drawn to this place for a reason. It’s why I’m intensely eager to play my role, however large or small, in facilitating your search for truth.

Let me be clear from the outset: I am no guru, saint or prophet. What I am is a human being who knows what the flames of psychological hell feel like. Eight years of deep depression pushed me to the edge of my ability to bear it all. Eventually I came to believe that the only solution was to face the barrel of a gun, close my eyes, and squeeze the trigger.

Thankfully, the Creator had other plans for me; and now I’m here to share my story.

Just a few short years ago, I discovered the transformative power of Ayahuasa. A friend told me about the “vine” and, like you, I scoured the internet for everything I could find on the subject. The more I learned, the more I became driven by an intense hunger for knowledge and inspiration. I couldn’t stop thinking about this mysterious, ancient brew. I knew I would not be able to rest until I had my own, personal encounter with Ayahuasca. So I took a leap of faith, bought a ticket to Peru, and headed off into the jungle. Since then, my life has never been the same.

Ayahuasca is powerful. It’s miraculous. It opened my eyes to areas of my psyche I’ve either never known or have subconsciously suppressed. It has shown me “new” ways of looking at the “old.” It has given me reason to hope and has renewed my faith in the inherent goodness of humanity. It has shown me that we are by no means alone; that there is a grand plan to life and that we are all meaningful participants — each working through his or her own particular level of consciousness. In a loving way, this medicine was placed on this planet for us to find at the right time. And having experienced, first-hand, its healing properties, I instantly knew my calling was to share it with as many people as possible.

I am aware that my unconventional style/appearance may be a bit of a challenge for some of you. With me there is no meditation cushion, lotus pose, sage-like speaking style or any of the other typical trappings associated with spirituality. I am simply your guy-next-door, totally down to earth, with a healthy pride in my commitment to being transparent and genuine with each and every seeker that makes it to my page. I came from a life in the streets, so to speak. And sometimes I think a bit of that aesthetic remains with me. But this only serves as a testament to the awesome power of Mother Ayahuasca. She draws people in from ALL walks of life, wraps them in her loving arms, and holds them in her healing embrace until they are transformed and renewed. She reveals that no matter which corner of the planet you hail from, we are all one family united by one bond infinitely deeper and stronger than any of our perceived differences. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the message I’m here to share.

Know that your safety, well-being, and spiritual advancement are among my highest priorities, and I consider myself privileged to be in a position to facilitate your growth. We are your family, and our Center is your home away from home. So come on by and stay a while – – see what Mother Ayahuasca can do for you!


With love,