Ayahuasca Vines

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Ayahuasca Vines

Types of Ayahuasca Vines


Ayahuasca can be found in the depths of the Amazonian jungle and has a variety of classifications with 20 different types of vines. The classification of the vine comes from the color flowers and the color of the vine when you scrape it. Common vine colors include yellow, pink, white, and black. Each vine is combined in potency to range in different experiences. Let’s discuss the different Ayahuasca vines. Yellow Ayahuasca is prepared so that users experience small amounts of visions and purge.  Pink Ayahuasca is much stronger than Yellow Ayahuasca and is recommended with people with more experience with Ayahuasca. White Ayahuasca is used to channel sexual energy. Black Ayahuasca stimulates a dense black cloak of visions. It is the strongest in the Ayahuasca family, it is known to have the largest potential for healing and energy protection.


Ayahuasca Vines Provide Spiritual Cleansing


Ayahuasca is typically brewed with a two plants, the second of which is the main contributor to cleansing the soul. These consist of ayahuma bark, capirona bark, chullachaki caspi bark, lopuna blanca bark, punga amarilla bark, remo caspi bark, wyra caspi bark, shiwawaku bark, suchu sanago  and huacapurana. Users experience different ceremonial values and spirits including: protection and healing of susto (soul loss from spiritual trauma), cleansing the physical body ailments, pull or draw out negative spirits or energies purging the gastro/intestinal ailments, calm the mind, and bring tranquility to the body and spirit.


The Ayahuasca Mixture Made For You


With the guidance of your shaman you will discover what ails your soul and find the correct mixture for you. Users also have the ability to target problems by adding a third or fourth plant. Again, under the spiritual guidance of your shaman, you can try one of these three combinations. The first of which is ayahuasca, chacruna and tabacco. This combination is very powerful and is used for protection and cleaning. The second of which is ayahuasca , chacruna, and bobimsana. It is used to open the heart and get in touch with your soul.  The final combination is ayahuasca, chacruna and toe. This mix is one of the most powerful mixes, and it is a very visual and has the same potency as black ayahuasca.