Benefits of drinking Ayahuasca

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Benefits of drinking Ayahuasca

Why Ayahuasca??


I’ve touched on this before in prior blogs , though I knew it would be an ongoing topic. Because it’s really a never ending topic, but actually an infinite experience that connects individuals to the spiritual realm that they knew was real … but never experienced on the level that Mother Ayahuasca induces. 


In America, hallucinogens have got a reputation as being a wreck less drug of recreation. So those people looking to just have a “good time” will not be the ones attending events and ceremonies at the ASHA Center. When visitors come to Peru it’s because they are seeking a safe haven to discover a spiritual awakening within themselves. 


While having a little fun in the Amazon Jungle of course. ; ) 


The thing about our Ayahuasca ceremonies is that even if someone didn’t come with the intention of awakening, and was purely there for recreation …. they would have just set themselves up for a rude awakening instead. The plant is no ordinary psychedelic that can be used and manipulated to the users liking. The person may not have any intention, but Mother Ayahuasca does. 


So that combined with our local Peruvian Shaman’s and the safe and intentional environment of A Spiritual Hand, anyone who comes is in for the trip of their lives!


Your experience at the ASHA Center will leave you feeling more awake, alive, vibrant … but most importantly, connected. By allowing the ceremonies to assist you in disconnecting and melting away the lies, the shame, the guilt, illusions and pain from what was – you’ll be able to embrace “what is” on a whole new level. 


The next opportunity to visit will be to join the crew to ring in the new year of 2017!! Click here for more event details and how you can be a part of this altering experience!