On The Path of Awakening

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On The Path of Awakening

Once we allow ourselves to expand, there’s no going back without employing extreme harm on ourselves – otherwise known as self-sabotage. 

But what does one do when they’ve allowed themselves to expand past any prior spiritual boundary into the realm that we call “Awakened”?

I’ll speak for myself here when I say that I didn’t have the most seamless transition going from borderline athiest to full blown #spiritjunkie

There were, and still are many old belief systems or false identity’s that had been assigned to me that I’ve had to shed to get to where I am. Which is a place of unconditional appreciation … most of the time. 😉 

In the Informational Age that we are all a part of there are endless resources and tools to help us on this path of awakening. So many that we can easily get overwhelmed and disengage from all of it. I’ve found a handfull of “tricks” that work for me and those that I mentor and I decided to create a list for you to have! A list that you can cater to your experience, your beliefs, your preferences and what *feels* right for you. After all, we’re not all meant to awaken the same way – that would defeat the purpose of being created as a unique expression of Source. 

You’re meant to do this your way! 

But that doesn’t mean you have to go about it alone. In fact, I encourage you not to. Not only are we created as unique expressions to discover and develop our own path, but also so we can be of service to each other. We are designed to connect with each other and interchangeably be that Spiritual Hand for each other!! 

As the original spirit junkie Miss Gabby Bernstein would say “Relationships are Divine Assignments.” 

So let’s all dive in together!!


Tips to help you on the path of Awakening:

  • Finding two or three teachers that resonate with you soooo deeply that it shakes your core and focus on them. 

  • Finding at least two virtual friends that you can exchange info, breakthroughs and stories with. 

  • Having at least one in person friend that you can spend time with swapping stories and perspectives. 

  • Set reminders on your phone through the alarm or certain apps that will help keep you tapped in to your higher self and that kind of conciousness. 

  • Engage in a group. I mean actually engage, whether in person or virtual – share your two cents and connect! Remember we are in this together!!

  • Be aware of the music you listen to and shows/movies you watch and how they effect you. 

  • Read a book or follow a consistent blog that can feed you spiritually. 

  • Keep a journal so you have a place to put down old thoughts that no longer serve you and swap them with the truth you’re uncovering and would like to embody!!

  • Lastly – hire a spiritual guide or mentor of some sort!! Whether local or someone who can put you through a virtual program. 

Most important: Do what feels good for you!! My favorite teacher/book/mentor may not be yours and that’s way okay!! Follow your intuition to the resources it guides you to and trust that gut feeling while lovingly letting go of all that doesn’t serve you at this point in time. 

As always, feel free to leave your feedback below in the comment section.