7 Steps to Forgiveness

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7 Steps to Forgiveness

This week I am honored to have a dear friend be our guest blogger with a beautiful piece titled The 7 Steps to Forgiveness.  

This F bomb can clear a room maybe even quicker then dropping a curse word. Though I”ve found in my experience that forgiveness can be one of the biggest factors that leads to true personal freedom.

Not just forgiveness of others either… but also ourselves.


” We all want forgiveness and the release it can bring to our lives and to our hearts. It’s not hard to say – it is hard to make it stick. For me, it was the Oprah Winfrey show that was my forgiveness “aha” moment. To forgive is not to condone the act done by whoever, but to release the hurt, pain, resentment, and anger that lives in our heart, mind, and soul.” – Janine Marsh, Author

Janine does a wonderful job of breaking down this seemingly complex process into easy to understand 7 step process. Read her featured blog here. <3