Ayahuasca History

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Ayahuasca History Beginning in the Amazon Jungle

Ayahuasca history begins deep in the Amazon Jungle lies a secret plant which is revolutionizing the way we have come to know our bodies and souls. Dating back to 1500 BC. Ayahuasca has had a long fruitful journey to become the drink we know today. Originally, it was used by it was numerous indigenous tribes throughout the Amazon Basin, for ceremonial purposes. For generations ayahuasqueros benefited from the use of this medical wonder, and it was a little known secret to the outside world. That is until 1851 when Richard Spruce encountered the intoxicating beverage in Tukano of the Rio Uapes. He collected flowering samples and is credited with the classification of the plant as Banisteria caapi. His remarkable classification inspired botanist, explorers and scientists for over a century. To put it simply, scientist spent the better half of a decade unlocking the secrets of Ayahuasca.



No one was sure what the results of their study would be, the only thing that was certain was the indigenous tribes of Central and South America led fuller, longer, and healthier lives. Most accredited this drink. Throughout the rest of the nineteenth century various ethnographers and explorers continued to report on their encounters of the use of an illuminating beverage prepared by various indigenous Amazonian tribes. What fascinated them primarily about this drink was the preparation. It is prepared from the roots of various shrubs or lianas. And so, the nineteenth century witnessed the birth of natural products isolation.


As we came into the early twentieth century, took place mainly on two fronts: taxonomic, and chemical. The initial studies of Ayahuasca discovered that its composition has the capability to alter not just your own chemical composure but helped you expose and explore the depths of your mind. During 1950 to 1980, botanical and chemical studies continued, and new discoveries laid the groundwork for an eventual explanation of the unique pharmacological actions of Ayahuasca.


And then, a major breakthrough, in the early 90’s students from UCLA formed an expedition to study the plant and people of the Amazonian region. Their superior health even into advanced ages seemed remarkable. It was accredited to the unique composition of Ayahuasca. Most locals attribute the benefits of Ayahuasca witchcraft. And although hard to believe for some of the students, the composition of Ayahuasca was unlike anything they had seen before. It became clear that the Ayahuasca is a bridge for medical and spiritual sciences alike. A bridge that allows us to not only walk our spiritual beings but to also unlock what ails our physical bodies. As they concluded their study, they established that the regular use of hoasca, at least within the ritual context and supportive social environment that exists in Central and South America is safe. They also concluded that there are no long-term toxic side effects. In fact, their research validated what ayahuaqueros have always known, it has positive influences on both your physical and mental health unlike anything we’ve come to know.