Is Law of Attraction Real??

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Is Law of Attraction Real??

A Spiritual Hand has a large Facebook community with thousands of people sharing a common interest – spiritual enlightenment, and a reachout for positive outlook and feedback. 

So as the writer of this blog I reached out and asked for some feedback – what do you guys want to hear about? What do you struggle with?? 

Not coming from an “all-knowing” place. However, I do believe deeply that I am a piece of the All Knowing, and when I allow myself to, I can, and you can – be a very clear vessel, and even a clear channel for it to be expressed. 

With that said, my intention of the work that I do with people one on one, with the groups that I work with, and even with this blog is to allow myself to be clear enough to connect us all to the highest truth that Is. 

Here’s a piece of truth. 

The law of gravity is real. The law of gravity was real before Newton had a breakthrough about 300 years ago. Just as real as the law of attraction… that is even more recently being discovered and utilized amongst humans. 

My understanding of LOA is that what we ask is given. Not with our words… with our feelings, and our feelings derive from our thoughts. Our feelings put out vibrational waves that can’t be seen with the naked eye. So again like gravity, making it hard to believe until you jump from a high terrain and fall flat on your ass. 

I’ve experienced that with law of attraction as well. Focusing on experiences I didn’t want, letting it taint my ego with false illusions of seperation. When what ended up happening was I received exactly what I was focusing on – or in other words, exactly what I asked for. 


The feedback I recieved from the ASHA group was someone reaching out about receiving verbal abuse, and her not wanting to fall into the “trap” of attracting it to herself. So her question was how does she protect herself from these things. 

I liked the question because this is something I think we will all encounter at some point – people taking their stuff out on us… but whyy??!! Do we really attract abusive situations to ourselves??

Well, if you were to jump out of an airplane would you fall to the ground?

I haven’t been skydiving yet myself, but I don’t think I need the exact experience to know that answer. There’s two factors in the law of gravity that are similar to law of attraction. One is our choice to participate in the first place, and secondly if we do make that choice, we actually have control of our experience. 

(I’m going to keep on with the jumping out of an airplane analogy to keep this consistent, and cause it’s fun.) 

Let’s say you and I both get the opportunity to go skydiving in Hawaii, over beautiful landscape. An experience that will give perspective and a vivid memory like nothing else we have experienced since. I say yes, you say no. 

Because of the thoughts I was having is why I made that decision.. it’s what started the momentum behind the experience. I get in the plane, get strapped to a parachute and take off. When we reach the right elevation the instructor opens the door, I jump out, allow the adrenaline to fill my body and again, when the moment is right, pull the string and let the parachute open to safely guide me back to the ground. On the way down, observing all the sites I had never seen and letting my highest capacity of feelings yet – plateau and be a part of the experience. 

I then land and can continue on with the rest of my day, and days to follow with only the memory of that experience. 

Law of Attraction works in a very similar process to jumping out of an airplane. First we must make the decision to jump. In the case of the person who was being verbally attacked they at several points said yes to that. Maybe not verbally, but with thoughts that led to feelings, that led to actions. 

We don’t need to protect our hearts… we need to protect our thoughts. 

This is the very reason I focus a lot of my work with people on the importance of learning self love. If we are thinking self depricating thoughts we will attract things, people and situations to support that. The moments we thought those things are the moments we said yes to being attacked. 

I know this from my own personal experience. Back before I began on my journey of spiritual awakening I pronounced myself as the epitome of Murphey’s Law. What can go wrong – will. And it did. We get what we ask for and my beliefs, my thoughts we’re asking for that to be supported – so it was. 

Now, over three years later I am known for things always working out for me and people notice how I am always treated with the upmost respect. Someone could treat the person next to me with anger or frustration but it’s like it’s physcially impossible to do that to me. When really it’s beyond that, it’s actually energetically impossible for them to do so. Being treated poorly is outside my boundaries and I support that by not treating myself poorly in the first place. I never even get on the airplane so to speak. 

For the times that I do (because I am not a flawless, all knowing human being) I do my best to make sure I have a parachute for the “plane” I’m getting on. Because if I didn’t… well on an actual airplane that wouldn’t end too well, and the journey down surely wouldn’t be filled with appreciation for the site seeing and adrenaline. 

Dealing with saying yes to getting on the plane of contrast in life is the same. We can bring a parachute, or we can choose not to. My parachute is filled with my tools. When I know I am entering what could potentially be a negative or even abusive situation, or interchange with another person I make sure I am going in with my tools of non judgement, non attachment and with no fuel to feed their fire. Most importantly with my mantra “Not mine”. Meaning whatever negativity, attitude or fear they give off is *not mine*. 

This energetic parachute allows me to float through an expereince of contrast and be able to flow through it with ease and understanding that this is not happening to me, but it is happening for me. That in some way or another I said yes to this, for the highest good of my growth. I can see what I see and feel what I feel and leave the experience and move on to the rest of my life, allowing only the memory to feed me and not leave me in fear. 

Because I made it. I “landed” safe and sound. 

The law of gravity is real, and so is the law of attraction. Both can bring us down to harsh reality of our choices, and both can lift us higher to elevations yet to be experienced. 

The concious choice is yours.